Insulated Hex Binding Post, Red, Gold Plated

Part #: 257102


  • Weight: .037 Pound

Supporting Documents

Abbatron’s Binding Posts are a versatile connector that allows a temporary or semi-permanent connection between electronic devices or circuits.

Connection Options:

  • Top insertion of banana plug.
  • Alligator clip inserted through top hole.
  • Spade lug positioned over stud and fastened by tightening the head.
  • Wire inserted through cross hole and held by tightening the head.
  • Standard .080” phone tip can be inserted in cross hole and held by the head.
  • Wire wrapped around the stud and fastened by tightening the head.


Detailed Description

  • Post head is molded Lexan polycarbonate that is captivated to prevent loss.
  • Body is brass with gold plating.
  • Insulated washers are molded polycarbonate and completely insulate the post from the panel. Keyed to panel and body to prevent roatation.
  • Body mounts in ½” round or “D” hole for anti-rotation.
  • Solid brass housing protects the plug
  • To connect circuit, wrap wire around solder turret and solder or attach to solder lug between nuts (lug not supplied).


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