Dual Banana Plug - Black Body with Nickel Contacts

Part #: 210103


  • Weight: .0396 Pound

Supporting Documents

Black body with nickel contacts.

The G&H Dual Banana Plug was designed with the input of professional users.  Two slots make for easy strainrelief and the groove allows using up to 1/2” cable and still mounting them side by side.  The screw terminals make for easy connection of even large speaker cables.  And finally the lantern spring contacts, simply do not break. 


Detailed Description

  • All brass consductors for high conductivity
  • Fit side by side with up to .500 diameter cable
  • Screw terminals with side shields for easy termination
  • Accommodates 10 awg cable
  • Dual slots make easy wire tie strain reliefing

Price: $4.02


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