1/4" Stereo Plug, Nickel Plug, Gun Metal Grey Housing w/ .375" exit hole

Part #: BF3PMBNNN375


  • Weight: .0596 Pound

The BF3PM Series is designed to continue our tradition of highest quality signal transmission and rugged reliability. It incorporates our OFC copper core for the hot and brass for the return and ground. The Tip, Ring, and Sleeve are assembled by insert molding the insulation between and around the components. Then the copper is cupped for soldering, the ring terminal is the same height as the hot for ease of wire prep. The ground/strain relief is staked for a solid connection that won't loosen.


Detailed Description

  • OFC copper core for highest conductivity
  • 1/2” profile for highest packing density
  • Tin plated ground and ring terminals for ease of soldering
  • Solid brass housing protects the plug
  • Separately crimped ground won't loosen
  • Hot solders directly to the copper core for clean signal transmission
  • Design eliminates the need for an insulator over the ground making soldering easier!

Price: $7.45


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