1/4” Nickel Plated Right Angle Plug with Cap, No Housing



  • Weight: 0.0415 Pound

Supporting Documents

The first 1/2” profile right angle plug.  Like the BF2P series the RF2P  delivers a clean tone in a roadworthy package that spares you the embarrassment, time, and cost of having to make repairs to your audio system at an inopportune time due to plug failure.  That's lasting value. 

It starts with an OFC copper core for maximum conductivity.  Another advantage of the copper is that if the plug is bent the copper will stretch and not break.  You can straighten it, play on and replace it later.  The hot solder tab is press fit and riveted for double reliability.  The ground is staked to the plug sleeve so that it can never loosen and cause crackling.  Finally the terminals, insulator and housing are interlocked to prevent turning and loosening.


Detailed Description

  • OFC copper core for highest conductivity
  • 1/2” profile file for highest packing density
  • Tin plated hot and ground for ease of soldering
  • Interlocked connections to prevent loosening
  • Solid brass housing protects the plug
  • Separately crimped ground won't loosen
  • No small screws to loose
  • Plug opens up for easy soldering


Price: $3.03


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