1/4" Nickel Plated Right Angle High Clarity Plug and Nickel Housing



  • Weight: .064000 Pound

The RF2PCU series carries the higher clarity design of our BF2PM plug into a right angle.  We have replaced the tin plated brass solder tab with an unplated copper tab to produce a cleaner path for a cleaner sound.  The RF2PC retains the rugged construction and solid ground of our RF2P plug (the first 1/2" profile right angle).

  • OFC Copper core and Copper hot tab for highest conductivity
  • 1/2" profile so they fit side by side
  • Interlocked connections prevent loosening
  • Solid Brass housing protects the plug.
  • Separately crimped ground won't loosen.
  • No small screws to lose.
  • Plug opens up for easy soldering.
  • Nickel Housing

Price: $3.65


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